A search for self in your body

Oh, people are going to look at this title and think it is very serious, but in reality, this is just me, taking baby steps into my search for myself, and as far as I’m concerned, this search for me, starts with the body. Do you know your body? This thing, this vessel that we obsess about on the outside and give very little attention to the inside of, very little attention to the sensations and the feelings it brings to us. Our body is fantastic and it is time for us to start looking after it, inside and out, listening to it, accepting it, and responding to it.

I decided to start my journey of self-discovery from the most basic expression of the self, the physical body. On my Tantric journey I started exploring my sexuality, pleasure, and to open my horizons, I also discover that my body is sacred and that I can (and should) choose whom I allow contact with my body.

As women we hold a lot of power, and a lot of this power comes from our femininity, from our womb and our hearts, we must learn how to love ourselves again, and by this I mean to start literally make love to ourselves, to discover our pleasure, to discover our body, so then we can teach our partners how to love and pleasure us.

Did you ever hear someone saying “How do you expect someone to love you if you don’t love yourself?” The same goes to pleasure, how do you expect your man to pleasure you if you don’t know how to pleasure yourself?

One of my partners once told me that I was the first women he met that enjoys sex, that before me, he always had to work a lot to get sex; I was shocked with that statement and I started repeating this to some of my friends, and I was even more shocked to learn that many of them, didn’t enjoy sex, and had sex with their partners because of a sense of obligation. I also discovered that many women don’t have orgasms during sex, or can only achieve orgasm during clitoral masturbation. 

Then I started looking at myself, and how my sex life nearly disappeared when my son was very young, and how we easily transform sex into a mechanical action to have some release. I remember thinking: “my son will sleep for 4 hours maximum, what do I prefer, sex or sleep?” Well, sleep was winning more often than not.

But it doesn’t have to be like this, lets change this, lets teach, and learn from each other’s life experience, let’s sit in circle and share, sharing we learn, sharing we get rid of our shame.

Sitting in circle, and sharing with love in a safe and non-judgmental space, will help us to love and accept ourselves. It is time for us to wake up to our divinity, to our power. Let’s sit in circle and empower each other.

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