All form of sexual expression is valid if you have consent

What is right and wrong when it comes to sex? Well, this is an easy question. Everything that makes you and your partner happy, is right. It is beautiful when couples want to experiment with their sexuality. Layla Martin said in one of her videos, that we must go explore and experiment when we are happy and in love, experimentation is not something to do when the relationship is cold, experimentation is a lovely tool against the winters of our relationship.

Every time you feel the desire to experiment or explore something, talk to your partner, maybe it will not even be sexual, but being open for new adventures is also an aphrodisiac for the mind. Sex is so much more than what we see in movies, sex is connection, openness, a conversation between your body and your partners body, when we open our minds and our bodies to new possibilities, all gets a lot better, it builds trust, it reinforces your connection to your partner.

I explored a lot after I got divorced, I thought that maybe I was missing something, I felt old and inadequate, and I allowed myself to explore a few things that were not in agreement with my SELF, but I am glad I experienced many things, because now I know what I like and what I don’t like. Some I brought to my life, and some I will not be trying again, and for some I should have listened better to my intuition, and decide not do it, but all of them helped me to understand a bit more about myself. I am grateful for the experiences I had, and I am always looking forward to encounter new paths of exploration.

Just please consider the others.  Public sex for example, while exciting for those engaging in it can be a problem, and traumatic if you are found by children, please think about respect in all directions, not only yourself. Consent goes further than those immediately engaging.

Consent also must be taken seriously, check with yourself and your body first, if you are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or if you are feeling pressure to do something you are not ready, it is best to wait for another moment to live that fantasy. Your partner or partners also must be in a good state of mind and also must share the same desire as you, then all is good, go have fun! Only you know what you like, what gives you pleasure, and what empowers you.

Respect yourself, your limits, your partner and go for it! After come back and share with us

(I am very open minded, but animals, children, people in hardship that is making it for money or fear, are not able to give consent, so go play your fantasies with someone else)

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