Asking permission to your vagina

Did you ever think about asking permission to your vagina before having sex?

Wait!!! Before you dismiss this, think about it. Our vaginas are a very important part of our sex lives, but very often we don’t think much about them, we have shame to openly show them, we have shame to touch ourselves internally, sometimes even externally. We often don’t wait for our vaginas to self-lubricate before having sex, and this is the way your vagina is telling you it is ready, we often need a lot more time to get ready then we allow ourselves.

One of my partners is obsessed with oral sex (absolutely no complaints) and one day I asked him where this obsession come from and he told me it started because one of his previous partners had a problem self-lubricating, this made me think a lot, in our days, we use a lot of hormone based contraceptives and those contraceptives have major side effects, one of them is our ability to self-lubricate, or even to get in the mood for sex.

We forgot how to listen to our bodies.

Men get exited like a fireplace, it takes very little to light it up and it extinguishes very easily, women are like boiling water, we need a lot of fire to heat us up but we remain hot for a long time. We must start respecting our time, to allow our water to warm up, to read what our body is telling us, and to ask permission to be entered, (even if you are in hormones and need an extra help) listen to yourself and respect your time.

A good way to make sure the 2 of you are in the same level of heat is for you to start before him, start mentally arousing yourself when you get dressed, when you eat your dinner, taste his food, feed him, make it into a sex game inside your head, so when you arrive home, you’ve already had a lot of foreplay.

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