Reconnect to your partner

Our life in London is so busy, we have hardly any time for ourselves and our loved ones, in this busy stressful life, it is easy to disconnect, is easy to forget about our partner and end up in a vicious circle of competition and demand, especially after you have children.

This is not what we want! We want to make time for us, calm down, and to reconnect with our loved one, because the love is still there, you just have to remind yourself about it.

I strive to provide a safe place for us to do exactly this, to bring back the energy of the beginning and remember our love and our passion. With a few guided meditations, breathing exercises and a couple physical exercises (done with your partner), we can bring this connection back to your life.

Would you like to reconnect with your partner? Would you like to remember who this person you feel in love with is? So, come and join us on these nights of self-discovery.

These circles are for couples that are ready and open to reconnect, and for couples in a loving relationship, and looking for a bit more connection or adventure in their lives.

Welcome to couples’ circle meetings

Congratulations, the hardest part you have already done, if you found me, it is because you are currently looking for help to connect or to spice up your relationships. You consciously or sub-consciously took the step of looking for deeper connection.

And you recognized that something is going away, and you have the courage to claim it back.

We often don’t want to see that we are losing something, that we are disconnecting, and we go on with that feeling until something else happens and we are a little bit more disconnected and if we let the time pass, we give ourselves in a winter that we don’t want to see

But often love is still there.

But that love is all covered with resentments, with the flowers that he forgot, with the sexual advances that she denied, with the many little nagging comments; But If we can work thought this, we find love again

Pain and resentment are strong feelings, and they paralyze us on our way to get better, we all have those moments we look at our partner with disappointment, well no one is perfect, so we must accept them as they are, and when and if possible, and if they want help, then we can try to help, but acceptance is needed.

I know is easier said than done, I also struggles with acceptance, we all do, but we must try our best and this will make a big difference.

Well done for being here, well done for having the strength to move and the courage to admit that you could use a bit more connection (or a lot more). We will often go through winters in our relationship and this highs and lows are normal, we just have to make sure that we can go out of the winters and find the summers again, to stop hiding love under many little problems.

it is good to look for meditation, massage courses, workshops, weekends away as a couple, couple spa day, sexual experimentation…. it doesn’t matter, but this reconnection time, when the relationship is still in summer, helps to give you the tools to overcome and shorten the winters, so you make sure the winters are mild and short and summers long and hot.

We cannot avoid the winters but we can make them less significant

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