Embrace Kindness, stone painting community project

Hello everyone,

I would like to propose an activity for kids and grown-ups alike, and bring back our sense of community and kindness, even in this long period of enforced distance. What do you think? Are you in?

During these difficult times of Covid, I would like to bring the Kindness Rocks Project to our area, the mission is brilliant in its simplicity: decorate stones with vibrant designs and inspiring messages, and scatter them around our neighbourhood to lift the spirit of those who find them.

Painting rocks can be a fabulous mindfulness activity for all ages, expressing yourself with a message, drawing or colouring, it can help you relax and deal with anxiety, stress, and to feel better.

When we engage in creative activities, we flood our body with stress reducing hormones (like the ‘happiness hormone’, serotonin), and we activate the parasympathetic nervous system (the rest and digest system, opposite to the fight or flight system).

Then, there’s the process of hiding the painted rocks around the community, which activates more reward chemicals (dopamine), and then seeing the photos and posts of our art (oxytocin), uplifting yet more of us.

The person finding a surprise gift will experience a feeling of happiness.

Having a sense of community is a foundation for feelings of safety and security.

This is a wonderful way to connect with our community, do good and feel good. Embrace Kindness also brings some parallel projects like the gratitude stones in school, Halloween stone hunt and hopefully the Easter stone hunt, all with mindfulness painting workshops teaching the principles of mindfulness, breath work and gratitude.

So, if you read all of the above, can I assume that I have managed to get you interested? Let’s start!!

How to start?

Take a smooth, flat rock and let your creativity flow! There is no right or wrong way to decorate your rocks, you can choose to write a nice uplifting message, create mandalas or colourful drawings, make bugs and animals, the possibilities are endless! At the back of the rock, mark our group, so, if someone who isn’t familiar with the group finds it, they can then join us and create more happiness! We will be hiding the rocks at the Thomas More Garden, Fortune park and may expand our area with time.

The idea is that every time you find one of our rocks, you take a photo, post on our Facebook group (don’t worry, it is a closed group) and share how it made you feel, or a word of gratitude, then you hide the rock in another spot to pass the joy along… and don’t forget to make one of your own.

Sharing the joy when you find a rock will give back some of the joy to the person who designed the rock, and maybe you can make a new friend 😊.

If Covid regulations allow, we can meet (respecting social distancing) for a few art sessions together in the park, or we can have zoom creative meetings. We can create our own way to connect 😊. Please use only non-toxic paint, and put a top coat sealant to protect your masterpiece. Please only write positive uplifting messages. I will share a few step-by-step guides, ideas and images to get us started. Now, log into Facebook and join us to spread the joy!


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