Kid’s mindfulness and yoga

Kid’s mindfulness and yoga

During an intensive eight years of my life I worked with kids, and some of the things that I learnt were very alarming, I learnt that children, very young children, suffer a lot with stress and anxiety, and it shouldn’t be like that.

In today’s society we put a lot of pressure on our children, we make them compete to be the first to walk, to use the potty early, not to get dirty… the list is endless, we start teaching them the same social conditioning and limited beliefs that we are working so hard to get rid of in ourselves.

In today’s society, children have far too much afterschool activities, extra homework, school projects that generate a lot of competition.

So, what about giving our children some tools to fight all of those invisible tigers that make them so anxious. Mindfulness for kids is a moment to stop and breath, to teach them how to calm themselves down. And centre themselves.

I found Kidding Around yoga when I was looking for such tools to give to my children, it was love at first site! I love yoga, and I can see how yoga made my life better, so I immediately signed up for it and found it to be the perfect fit for me.

Kidding Around yoga is gentle, fun, non-competitive and pressure free, the children learn not only yoga poses, but they learn mindfulness skills, group interaction, breathing exercises and much more, all in a light and fun environment.

At the moment I teach yoga for children entirely free at a primary school. This is my karma yoga and it feels good.