We often tell ourselves that we need some ‘me’ time, but what do you understand ‘me’ time to be? The first thing that comes to mind is a bubble bath, or going out for a manicure, and these are lovely activities, but they are only escapes. when we think about ‘me’ time, we should think more about our inner self, how to unwind from our problems, clear our mind and balance our energy.

Reiki helps you to find a quiet moment to breathe and let someone take care of you.

An ancient technique of energy balancing. Reiki is an intelligent energy that permeates the bodies of all living beings, this intelligent force, also call prana, chi…  can connect us with what we need and help us to connect to our higher self.

The Reiki practitioner is just a vessel to help bring this energy that is readily available, into you, and help bring you balance and peace into your life

It took me some time to fall in love with Reiki, at first, I couldn’t “feel” the Reiki, but I loved the moment of being embraced in silence and love from my Reiki therapist Emma Gibbons she advised me to learn self-Reiki. So, I went deeper, took courses, gained deeper knowledge and opened up my heart to this art.

And finally, in February 2019 I obtained my accreditation with my dear Usui Reiki Master and Teacher Michael Kaufmann.