Women's Circles


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Moon Circles

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Women's Circles



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Why should I sit in circle? You may be asking, but the real question is, why did we stop sitting in circle? 

Throughout history you can find stories and evidence of women sitting in circle in virtually all ancient civilisations.

We sit in circle to listen to each other, to support each other. 

We create a safe space to teach, learn,  listen and be heard, we create help and non-judgmental support for each other.

Woman’s circles can have many formats, some are more focused on sharing, some bring ritual back into our lives, and help us to be more mindful and accept the sacred inside us, some bring meditation and calm, but all of them bring community, sisterhood and love.

I like to run meditation circles, with deep guided visualization, rituals with setting intention and sharing, to allow us to surrender and be more authentic.

I also like to have seasonal groups that run with the moon and deal with our femininity and nature. 

Let’s bring the sacred feminine back to our lives.

When women gather, magic happens.